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Featured Building

Featured Building
William Eckhardt House, Unionville, Ontario (1852)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And Speaking of Shameless Self-Promotion...

All of the Malcolmites have some speaking engagements coming up...
Malcolm, Candace, Peter, Jess, and Barry will all be presenting papers at the 2010 SSAC Conference in Lunenburg, NS May 26-29.
Malcolm and Candace are each presenting papers at the 2010

Ontario Heritage Conference in Chatham-Kent June 11-13.
Malcolm Thurlby: Christ Church, Maugerville, New Brunswick, Bishop John Medley, Frank Wills and the Transmission of Ecclesiological Principles in Anglican Churches in Canada
Candace Iron: William Hay and the Tradition of Church Building in Canada
Peter Coffman: 'Innovation' in Nova Scotian Gothic
Jess Mace: Architecture without Architects: Pattern Books and Port Hope, Ontario
Barry Magrill: Measuring Resistance: Modern Gothic and Reinforced Concrete

Ontario Heritage Conference:
Malcolm Thurlby: Places of Worship in the Rural Social Landscape
Candace Iron: From Provincial to Local Significance: Henry Langley and T.J. Rutley' two influential architects in Chatham-Kent

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