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Featured Building
William Eckhardt House, Unionville, Ontario (1852)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Canadian Architecture 101: Classical or Gothic?

In Canada’s architectural past, there are two main competing streams of styles; the Classical and the Gothic.  Each style came in and out of favour several times over the years and each style has its own merits.
But how do you tell the difference between a Classical building and a Gothic building?
The simplest way is by looking at the shape of the windows.

A round-headed window is Classical:

A pointed window is Gothic:

This is just a basic distinction, but more often than not it does the trick.  There are other ways to tell that involve the ornamentation used, the planning of the building, etc., and of course there are buildings that sample from each style, but this is a pretty surefire way to tell which is which. 

We will have more on the difference between the two styles in posts to come, but in the meantime, you can use this one to impress your friends! 

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